Paul Lemon, CPA/PFS, CFP®

Paul's  goal has always been to help each of his clients find more happiness with less suffering in their financial lives. Longing to uncover a solution to the money misery we all experience, he sold his private CPA tax practice to become a full time fee-only financial planner. Paul's new approach is rooted in practical experience and focuses on the cause, not the symptoms, of our troubled relationship to money. He believes that each person must come to grips with money by finally giving it their full attention. "You can't delegate all this work to a professional, " Paul says. "You have to develop a daily 'conversation' with money that helps you live authentically. Awakening follows attention."

Firm History

Paul A. Lemon, P.C., was formed in 1985 by Paul Lemon. The firm provided comprehensive financial planning, tax planning and preparation, and accounting services to individuals and businesses. The firm began with a commitment to personal service that is professional, confidential, and beneficial to each client. On December 18, 1998, the tax practice component of Paul A. Lemon, P.C. was sold to another CPA firm. This enabled Paul to begin the firm of Integrated Financial Planning, P.C. - which focuses solely on the comprehensive financial planning needs of clients.

Firm Philosophy

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In General: As mentioned earlier, the overall focus of our mission is to INTEGRATE our clients' unique aspirations with their financial resources. A financial plan that simply "runs the numbers" will fail to serve as a useful tool in helping that person or family achieve their objectives and finally begin to live without money stress. By taking the time to understand each of our clients, we draft a plan that can really work! Our emphasis is on a professional RELATIONSHIP that will last for decades. One critical way that we can ensure that this objective is attained is to keep in mind what we feel characterizes the emphasis of our practice: 


"One Trusted Professional" - Our lives are extremely complex. There just simply isn't enough time in the day to duplicate our efforts in dealing with the multitude of issues that we must face. This is especially true in the financial arena. We believe that peoples' interests are best served when they are able to work with one person whom they can trust to be their primary financial advisor. This does not mean that this one person is responsible for doing everything, but only that his/her job is to coordinate the efforts that are necessary to serve the clients' best interests. 

If someone chooses to work with us in this capacity, it would mean that we would be primarily responsible for assessing the client's needs. If there were an issue that required outside expertise, such as an attorney to draft estate planning documents, we would make a recommendation to the client. As Coordinator, Paul would be responsible for seeing that all aspects of the client's financial planning are adequately addressed in the most efficient and integrated manner possible, thus reducing confusion to the client and the possibility of less than optimal planning because of incomplete information from independent consultants. 

An example of this role can be seen from the following "building blocks" of a client's financial concerns. The Financial Planner's role is to determine if any outside consultants will be needed to address any one or more of the "blocks". If so, that area is delegated, but the Planner's role is to coordinate such services so that it "fits" with the other "blocks". In other words, the Planner becomes the necessary "mortar" to construct the final structure desired by the client.

  • Retirement Planning
  • Risk-Management
  • Estate Planning
  • Business Planning
  • Goals Clarification
  • Implementation–Follow Up

"Working With You" - We believe that you are best suited to make decisions that serve your best interests, as long as you are provided information/education as to your options. Stated another way, our philosophy is not to create a relationship in which we, as the professionals, tell you what to do and you are expected to blindly "obey"! 

One of the most critical steps in financial consulting is to find out what is important to the client and then to determine the best way to achieve that goal. We make it a top priority to take the time to come alongside each client to develop a relationship based upon mutual respect, equality, and informed decision-making. 

"To Reach Your Financial Goals" - Everyone has a goal when they seek financial services. Whether it be to try and understand whether a client is saving enough to supplement Social Security benefits for retirement, or to sort out the best portfolio allocation to attain retirement funding goals without incurring excessive risk or investment expenses, our objective is to help answer those questions - accurately, timely, and coherently. 

In each engagement we seek to determine what your goals are, and then evaluate if we can realistically work with you in achieving those goals. That may be a rather simple process, or it may involve some work to help clarify your objectives and the best way to attain them. 

We seek to provide practical financial solutions that are integrated with each clients' unique goals and set of resources. In this manner, we can earn your trust and work with you to achieve your financial goals.

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Photo of team member

Stephen Weatherby, CFP®

Stephen recently joined Integrated Financial Planning, P.C., but is not new to the world of financial planning.  He has over 16 years in the industry, most recently for one of the largest fee-only firms in Denver, CO.  Stephen’s background in financial planning is diverse, and he has gained many viewpoints over the years working with some of the industry’s best.

Stephen is committed to working in the client’s best interest while helping them find clarity in their pursuit of their goals and dreams.   He grew up in Texas and earned his Bachelors of Science from Texas Tech University in Family Financial Planning.  This degree is generally viewed as the premier financial planning program in the nation by the financial community.  He also received his minor in Family Studies which has helped him understand how an individual’s history with finances may have impacted where they are today.  Stephen moved to Colorado in 2001, and became a CFP® in 2007.

Stephen’s unique financial planning background includes spending four years working with the Department of Defense as a contractor providing financial planning, education, and training to all branches of the United States Military.  While in this role, he was able to help countless families navigate their financial lives at numerous military installations around the world. 

Away from the office, Stephen enjoys spending time with his family in all of the outdoor opportunities that Durango provides.  It has been a lifelong dream of Stephen’s to live in Durango.  Growing up, he was one of the Texas families clogging up the Colorado mountain roads!  He and his family are extremely excited to be a part of this wonderful community, and hope to get the chance to meet you soon!

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